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We've highlighted the important parts of the policy and also let you see at a glance the services we use and the data we collect.


Opt out of Matomo Analytics

If you wish to not have your actions annonymously analysed so you can protect your privacy, you may opt out of our privacy focused analytics solution.

Ethical services approach

Every tool we use as apart of our business' operations is ethically tested, complies with privacy laws and is privacy focused. All apart of our ethical services approach.

Sane.Agency hosted services

Rise is a Sane.Agency hosted service and is governed by their global policies. We do this to simplify and unify our policies to make them easier to update.

Eqaul rights for all

We are proud to provide equal data protection rights equivalent to the GDPR to all users unless otherwise stated.

Delete or amend your data

We allow everyone to exercise their rights to have their data deleted or amended. Just get in touch with our data controller.

Data Controller

You can contact the data controller for Sane.Agency Hosted Services Jack Sutherland at help@sane.agency.

Overviews & policies

See all the services we use, the data they collect, their privacy policies and more. You can also see the full policies.

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy