Our response to COVID-19

During the time of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the situation is rapidly changing, so we’ll be frequently updating this article with the latest news.

23/03/2020 – Work from home time! All non-essential services are now being closed down in the land of Rise HQ, so we have reached 100% WFH.

25/03/2020 – Just a reminder about the importance of practicing proper hygiene and social distancing. These are vital tools in stopping the spread, and the sooner we stop the spread means the sooner society returns to normal.

About Rise

Rise is used by design teams all over the globe to turn their solutions into prototypes with ease by providing an over 1000+ component sheet made for any project, each part designed with accessibility and the latest in UX in mind.

Helping teams to stay connected

Starting today, we’re offering free Rise Enterprise licenses to teams across the globe. Rise Enterprise lets you request the creation of components, create cloud-synced projects and white label to your hearts content. It also gives you access to our expert support team and a voice in the direction of Rise.

To get a free Rise Enterprise License, you just need to press the button below and fill out the email template. They’ll be valid for a year, and for up to as many users as required.

Contribute to Rise

We’d once again like to remind our users that Rise is open source. Anyone can contribute to Rise and make a better accessible and universal design system for teams across the globe.

So, come take a look at our contribution guidelines and make sustainable design better for everyone.

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