Rise Version 7.1.1 Released

Dark mode, a new dashboard and Aero Square.

The latest version of Rise, 7.1.1 has been released on the stable channel.


The Aero Square theme is standard for all components.

New and improved dashboard rolled out

Options for voice and watch prototypes added (coming soon)

Dark theme added for the dashboard (mobile to come)


  • The font check dialog is now more accurate and shows before all prototype viewings. This can be disabled by changing the home artboard to the splash screen
  • Improvements to the workspace explorer and menu on mobile


  • Fonts were different between light and dark login screens
  • Inconsistent shadows on profile pictures
  • On mobile, the bottom menu would cover content on some pages


  • Our new documentation site is almost complete, with all the docs and guides you and your team need
  • Our roadmap is now on our documentation site
  • A reminder that Rise now uses semantic versioning

Compatibility and Installation Notes

  • This version of Rise is backwards compatible with all of version 7. You can install it following our guide on the docs.

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