This is what privacy should look like

Easily request data services, see the data we collect, your rights and understand how we operate

Transparent privacy information should be easily available to everyone, regardless to whether or not your a detective or a lawyer. In the past, we’ve always tried to make our services as privacy focused as possible, designing our solutions from the ground up with privacy in mind and refusing to stoop to the level of using dark patterns to collect consent.

We use analytics software that doesn’t collect any personal data, allow everyone to view the data, use only ethically tested and primarily open source solutions, and provide our policies in easy to understand language in easy to find places.

The new Sane.Agency Privacy website combines our expertise in information design with our passionate belief in respecting our users privacy. Sure, theirs the legalise policies (the lawyers refuse to let us change these), but at the top we provide quick summaries of the services we use, with links to their privacy policies.

Now, you can not only see what rights you have as a consumer, but immediately act on them with an interactive form that verifies your identity and speeds up the data service process. Contact our Data Protection Officer (we love questions ❤) with just one click, and find information for our privacy focused mirrors, accessible through the Tor network.

All this obviously means the obligatory ‘We’Ve uPdAteD oUr PrIvAcY pOlIcY’, but this phrase will only start to matter when scummy websites stop using dark patterns to steal your data, making mainstream consumers start to realize the importance of seeing how their data is being handled.

We hope we’ve made a good start in the ethical design revolution, and would love to hear your feedback, so send us a message on

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